Is being open and honest the best social media policy? #survey #poll

I am doing a little research and would like your thoughts on best social media practices with honesty in posting, and the blocking–or following–of accounts that regularly post truthful feedback, both negatively and positively. I am particularly interested in views of businesses and organizations, those who have expertise in online marketing and other aspects of the online etiquette and behavior of consumers and business. I am interested in how consumers feel business and organizational accounts treat them for posting their honest experiences and reviews as well. Please comment below or email Thank you!


A new poll, and a wish for life

1st thing to mention, if you look above there is a new page for Polls! Please take a moment to read the poll and place your vote on the latest poll whenever you stop by!

The shelter was cold last night! Its the one thing I hate about going there, but the rest of the site is really nice. It’s small, but the food is good, its quiet, we get ice cream, there are games, the volunteers are great!

Another quiet day today. Not much going on. I had a great lunch at a local church, and now I am online. I’m somewhere I can’t use my software so I can’t update the website today again. I don’t have much time available online either. I think that I should be able to do something with the website tomorrow. So check back in a day or two and I’ll have a few more links and things. Sound good?!

It’s kind of a sad time of year for me. Not just Easter season, but the birthday of one of my children is coming up. I have no money to buy anything, and I haven’t seen my kids for two years. The, um, father and I don’t get along. Simply put. It kills me. It really kills me! I dream bad dreams almost every night about my kids, and their father’s abuses to me. My life is taken away by not seeing them. By not being with them, it really does kill me. Honestly, if not for faith in God, I’d be dead. Someday. Life will be better.