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My Television Acting Debut! In…”Out of the Woods: Bigfoot goes to a funeral” | WGN-TV

Go to to view the video on WGN’s website! As an extra there was no speaking part, but I played the part of a “mourner” very well, I think. Post by @WGNNews. Source: Out of the Woods: Bigfoot goes to a

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Missing you.

I have been neglecting this blog and all of my readers, and I am sorry for that. I really have been thinking of you! Actually, for quite some time I was locked out of my account due to a new

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Oops. Sorry, LOL! My apologies to a certain case manager at Northwestern Satellite Clinic. I sorta know him from Twitter and I’ve tweeted him a couple of times (or “perhaps” more, LOL) since becoming a client. Its a No-No! Ok,

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Is “padschicago” pregnant?

There is discussion lately among “Padites”, as the homeless around here call ourselves, that I am pregnant. Well, first of all, its none of your damn freakin’ business if I am pregnant! Second, if you want to know, why don’t

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Doctor, tell me it ain’t so!

I saw my kind and compassionate primary care doctor yesterday. We needed to talk about pain issues because Vicodin just hasn’t been long-acting enough to cover my pain. I have been on it for a long time. So in I

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Confused happiness?

I don’t know what I even want to write. I am tired and drugged on a narcotic pain medicine, but feeling happy overall and better than I was. I am frequently plagued by bad headaches. Another current issue is that

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Long day

I admit, I am becoming a Twitter addict. Should I search for an online tweet therapy? I just started using @HootSuite today and I am loving it! So far, I have to definitely recommend it to all Twitter users as

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Be back soon

Please forgive my lack of posts this week.  Its a week of headaches and Vicodins.  Plus itching, falling asleep during the day and more.  A couple things have happened but I don’t feel like story telling right now.

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Let’s get help!

I am typing away, emailing and faxing, trying to get health care for the homeless! I get a lot of requests for referrals to optometrists, chiropractors, dentists, and more. Well, as promised, I AM working on it! In the past

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Now what?

I am supposed to take some of my stuff to someone’s storage tomorrow. Unfortunately, he has dropped on me that we can’t do it now. And I HAVE TO get my stuff out of where its at TOMORROW. As in

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