Is being open and honest the best social media policy? #survey #poll

I am doing a little research and would like your thoughts on best social media practices with honesty in posting, and the blocking–or following–of accounts that regularly post truthful feedback, both negatively and positively. I am particularly interested in views of businesses and organizations, those who have expertise in online marketing and other aspects of the online etiquette and behavior of consumers and business. I am interested in how consumers feel business and organizational accounts treat them for posting their honest experiences and reviews as well. Please comment below or email Thank you!


Bonus Post: Internet Addiction with a Twist

The following is just a little something I wrote several years ago.  I had no real reason for writing it.  I just did.  It could use some updating, but otherwise I suppose its still not bad for its age, considering how technology is obsolete after just a few months.  Whatever, some strange force is telling me to post it here, so I hope you like it.  I don’t understand what is making me do this, but there must be some reason.  I feel really weird doing it.  Here goes…

The Addicted Internet – Internet Addiction with a Twist
By: “Pads Chicago”

Internet Addiction. Can people be addicted to the Internet? Or, is the Internet addicted to people?

Think about it. People are drawn to technology. We have to have every gadget that comes out with a microchip. It doesn’t have to be essential to life; it just needs to make life more fun and interesting. It helps even more if our neighbor doesn’t have one. You are even more cool if you are the first person to even know that it exists.

Marketing today would go nowhere if not for the networks of servers holding every gigabyte of information that we just absolutely, positively have got to know. Every business, organization, school or individual has a message to sell you. They set the and reel you in completely hooked and throw you in Add some new flavorful content and you come back for more.

Remember that thing Alexander Graham Bell invented? You know, the telephone? It’s rarely used anymore. You see a friend, but you don’t stop and talk. You say, “Shoot me an email.” When you email, you tell your friend about the hot website that you just visited. Your friend goes to that site, gets hooked, and the whole process circles.

People don’t even go out to meet other people nowadays—they stay in and sit on their booties at the computer at an online dating service. To give oneself the impression of reality, we can chat with a potential partner via instant messaging or emails, all the while sitting home at our desks eating chips and drinking. Not to mention how some will also do this in their underwear. Most males will also enjoy being able to freely scratch themselves or make obscene noises, which they cannot do in front of a woman.

Online dating is extremely popular. Enuff said, sex sells. The Internet allows us to be romantic with our computers right in the privacy of our own homes. Here we can find a new friend to have warm conversation with, or anything up to an explosion of your hard drive in the fantasies of your own mind.

Finding these sexy new friends isn’t free either. Again, sex sells. People will try almost anything once, and web designers know it—a first impression counts. If Mikey likes it, he’ll come back for more, and tell his friends—by email, of course. There is a huge market for the gender, and the e-business society uses whatever tactic necessary to promote its product.

Yes, the Internet thrives on people like us. We are needed for its very existence. The World Wide Web is addicted to people. New websites open every day, each new site demanding more and more people to come Online. And every day we hear, “You’ve got mail!” 🙂

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