Rat Causes Pandemonium on New York Subway


What was that #Weiner thinking?!

He finally admitted it. Rep. Anthony Weiner, (D) NY, admitted today that he tweeted provocative photos of himself to women over Twitter. I give him credit for coming forward and finally admitting it. I really do. But what the heck was he thinking when he thinking sending photos over Twitter and having online and phone relationships with these women?! Obviously he was thinking with his penis. It must have been a very hard decision for him to make sending those photos. I bet he is going to pay a stiff penalty now. And his poor wife! I can’t imagine how she must feel! They have only been married for one year. Still basically newlyweds. She is a victim. She has got to be devastated and angry over this. I have to wonder and wouldn’t be surprised if there is a divorce. What made Rep. Wiener think he could get away with it?!