Should illegal immigrants receive organ transplants?

There is a debate going on outside: ¬†Which comes first–law, or health?


I am sitting online by Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Across the street when I arrived there was a group of ¬†people protesting for rights for illegal immigrants to receive organ transplants. I admit that I have slightly mixed feelings on the issue as a whole, but my heart is for organ transplantation and human life. While working in the healthcare field I saw the results of such a life changing gift! I also saw the despair and worsening illness when an organ for transplant wasn’t available. In my own family several family members needed transplants. My father died before he was able to get one. One of my my uncles died at a young age in his 30’s while awaiting transplant. Another uncle was able to receive new valves, but not a new heart due to diabetes and alcoholism. I know well the importance and value of organ donation. I have been registered as a potential donor for several years in the hope that I can share this value with those who need and their families. I hope awareness for organ donation and sharing life will rise, giving hope to all who need help.