Keeping Up the Momentum

It can be hard to be inspired. Sometimes I have the inspiration, but my technology isn’t optimum. So what do I do? Often, I do nothing. I admit that is not the best strategy. It’s the worst. I am trying to work on that. I am regularly attending a WordPress blogging class at Next Door. I try to jot down a note on a topic from time to time. The thing I really need to work on is the action of writing and publishing the post. I am doing that tonight. The blogging class with Joan Margau has freshly ended just over an hour ago. I think the most popular phrase tonight was “keeping up with the momentum”. What inspires and motivates us to blog — to write and click publish? Well, for me, tonight’s class does part of that. I walked into the class with sort of a craving. The other part comes from a bottle of momentum. I used  birthday money to buy a cheap bottle of wine. I haven’t had much. It’s just been so long since I had any that a glass or two feels nice. It makes for extra motivation, the delusion of being a normal grown up. Maybe I am just using writing the blog post as an excuse to have wine. Maybe the wine is part of the momentum contributing to writing it. Whichever it is, I am getting the project done. I am writing and soon I will do the final action:  clicking the publish button.