My Brother Is A Real Person, Dammit!

My brother’s name is Duane. He is a bit eccentric, but he is my brother and I am proud of him! I would like to end rumors once and for all wondering if he is real or not. I am tired of seeing stories on WGN News and hearing comments on @ChiefOliver‘s radio show “Breaking Good“. My brother IS REAL, people! His name is DUANE! If you see him, do not be afraid! He is a regular guy. Just really hairy.

My Brother Duane
My Brother Duane
My Brother
My Brother Duane

Summer Hibernation

This is a great summer! Well, it has been rainy which I can do without. And I am having more problems with fibromyalgia. Thank God I have an awesome doctor! He really is the best–I couldn’t ask for anyone better. That’s my primary physician. My rheumatologist has just moved to California so I am looking for a new one. Quite honestly, I will not miss her.

So what have I been doing with my summer besides taking pain pills and naps because of the fibromyalgia? I have actually been somewhat busy! I am getting out to more social media and networking events. I believe the next event is August 12, the Social Media Club Chicago Annual Summer Social. I have been a blood donor. Thanks to a tweet by @GoatKING, one week ago I volunteered work at Taste of Lincoln Avenue. It was busy as heck at the Fullerton gate where I was stationed! Sadly, my blog has been in hibernation.Yes, I am guilty of blog neglect. Again. Believe me, I have thought about my blog. I just haven’t been inspired enough to get my fingers going on the keyboard. It takes some thought and my brain just hasn’t been functioning as well with the fibromyalgia going on lately. I haven’t even been tweeting as much or participating in tweet chats as often. To tell the truth, I could use a nap right now. So much for the effects of coffee. It is doing nothing for me. Anyway, I am thinking of you all. My blog followers continue to grow in number and I feel bad that I haven’t been around here as much. I do think of you! Please stop by to comment or say hello. Tweet me at @padschicago, like me on Facebook as No Longer Homeless,  and you may add me as a friend on Facebook. Feel free to connect on Linked In too!

God Bless Fire Fighters

I type this straight from the heart. I pray all fire fighters, paramedics and other first responders stay safe and away from harm–or worse. They do things I would be afraid to do, running in to inferno buildings to rescue occupants and put out the roaring blaze. But in one other capacity in their rescue of people (and other living things), I have a little more experience with. The rescue calls when someone is sick or injured, not due to fire and smoke, these men and women are always at the ready. I live in a building with about 30 people. They come around frequently. Last night they were here yet again. I didn’t get all of the numbers on the trucks, but they surprised me and an abundance of fire fighters arrived to care for someone with breathing problems. We actually had a ladder truck outside, then an engine, and finally the ambulance crew. Things were under control and not too hectic. Of course there was some joking around–by the firemen, as well as, um, me. Okay, another person or so may have joined in a little, but I was the main culprit giving the firemen some friendly harassment. Example:  One other resident commented to fireman on what big feet he has. She was serious. He came back and said, “well, you know what they say about guys who have big feet?”. Here I smirk. My friend asks him what. The fireman hesitates slightly and says, “they have big boots”. It went on and this fireman joked that a different fire fighter in the group had even bigger feet. Ok, I couldn’t resist! I said, well, maybe he could show us? (Hee hee!) The banter back and forth continued from there. Overall, considering the circumstances, it was almost a good time! I really like the crew that was on last night. They had an awesome sense of humor and were very friendly and social. The one guy commented that it (being here on the call) was kind of like an episode of Chicago Fire. That had already crossed my mind. The one fireman had reminded me of a guy from that TV show. I mentioned it to him. He laughed and told his buddies, “Seeeee?”. I guess he had a small part in the show before.  Very cool! Anyway, no matter what the personalities of these wonderful first responders who hopefully show great care and concern for total strangers, I will say prayers for their safety. Even better if they have the personalities of the men who were here last night, Monday night. God bless you gentlemen. And hugs to you.

Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department

Free Admission to Chicago Museums this Weekend – Jan 2014 – Free Things to Do in Chicago | Free Museums | Free Events | Freebies

Free Admission to Chicago Museums this Weekend – Jan 2014 – Free Things to Do in Chicago | Free Museums | Free Events | Freebies.

Free admission for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch debit and credit card holders only.

Heavy Rains And Severe Weather In Chicago Area

This post contains a few still photos within the video of a portion of the storm that hit the Chicago area today. The photos and video where shot in LakeView in Chicago. The severe weather caused tornadoes and a lot of damage in some areas. The Chicago Bears game was also suspended for some time. Enjoy the pics and video! For those of you who are easily entertained or don’t know what a lot of rain looks like. 🙂

Help me support life-saving research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

What do you give thanks for?

I give thanks for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Since opening in 1962, St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent to 80 percent today.

I feel the love for St. Jude, and these children and families who they help.

I’m so impressed by the cancer research being done at St. Jude that I’m participating in theSt. Jude Give thanks. Walk. on Saturday, November 23, and I need your support to help me reach my fundraising goal of $150.

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    AnnMarie Walsh

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    Should illegal immigrants receive organ transplants?

    There is a debate going on outside:  Which comes first–law, or health?


    I am sitting online by Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Across the street when I arrived there was a group of  people protesting for rights for illegal immigrants to receive organ transplants. I admit that I have slightly mixed feelings on the issue as a whole, but my heart is for organ transplantation and human life. While working in the healthcare field I saw the results of such a life changing gift! I also saw the despair and worsening illness when an organ for transplant wasn’t available. In my own family several family members needed transplants. My father died before he was able to get one. One of my my uncles died at a young age in his 30’s while awaiting transplant. Another uncle was able to receive new valves, but not a new heart due to diabetes and alcoholism. I know well the importance and value of organ donation. I have been registered as a potential donor for several years in the hope that I can share this value with those who need and their families. I hope awareness for organ donation and sharing life will rise, giving hope to all who need help.




    Here I am after being a shavee for a St. Baldrick's Foundation fundraiser for children with cancer on September 22, 2011.
    Here I am after being a shavee for a St. Baldrick‘s Foundation fundraiser for children with cancer on September 22, 2011.

    A couple days ago I looked in the mirror. I desperately need a haircut. (I’ll be seeing @mafiahairdreser for that next week.) I remembered doing a fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s a couple years ago.  It got me thinking.  I am feeling the love for others. I want to do something more for such worthwhile organizations. I don’t plan to have my head shaved again for a while. I have a love for health issues and social services so probably it will be one of those. One I am considering is St. Jude. This organization gets to my heart so much! there are so many great organizations that I love! I am open to ideas if you know of any in Chicago area who need my help. I have a few websites that I will watch for good opportunities too.

    This is me today.
    This is me today.

    Hugs and ❤ to you,


    Can a day be any better?!

    I have been very tired and took a lazy, sleepy morning, finally leaving home at lunchtime. I immediately recognized the sure sign that despite my late start, it was a great day! As soon as I got outside I saw a @Ramon_DeLeon Domino’s delivery being made to a home across the street. (Obviously a sign from God, as the sun shone down on the pizza delivery besides.) I smiled. BIG. I wanted to post a picture to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…(you know the drill), but sadly, quite sadly, my phone has been uncharged because the USB charger cord broke. Ramon has been so awesome to help offer food to the homeless and those who live in the shelter at @DebsPlaceChi with me, I can’t help but think of him and smile when I see a pizza delivery. So before heading to the bus stop, I walked to @OfficeDepot by my home in Lakeview, Chicago. I went straight back to look at the phone chargers and price them out. And maybe do some dreaming. I checked out the clearance sale section too. I’m a smart woman and refuse to leave a store (especially a “toy store” like Office Depot) without checking all sales. Naturally, I wrote a mental wish list of everything I’d love to have. Anyway, I decided to test my luck. I spoke to the Office Depot store manager. I wish I paid better attention to his nametag! I explained my situation, being unemployed, living at a nearby shelter, and in desperate need of a new charger cord for my phone. I offered to trade gift cards for multiple stores or make any arrangement possible to get one. He gave me a new one, no cost or anything. He said that he had an extra. I damn near jumped and gave the man a hug and a kiss on the cheek! LOL! I sincerely cannot thank this manager enough! Honestly, the same goes for @Ramon_DeLeon. I have been moody sometimes and not blogging as I was, I’ve been slower to mention how greatly I — how greatly WE at Deborah’s Place / Marah’s — appreciate his kindness in delivering pizzas to us. So surely, seeing the Domino’s delivery near my home today was a sign that the day could only be better? That the world is filled with the kindness of others. We just have to ask. I admit, that is something that I am still working on. I have always tried to be very independent and hate to ask for help. While homeless, I began to learn new social skills. One of which, includes asking for help. I am still learning this one. It is okay to ask help. I don’t like to get something for nothing. I feel the gratitude and pay from my heart, if nothing else. I appreciate what my followers and others have done to help myself and others. Many a time, someone’s generosity has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, @Ramon_DeLeon, the manager at @OfficeDepot in Lakeview, Chicago, @mafiahairdreser, @Superdawg, and so many others for all your kindness and help. ❤ My phone service is still temporarily suspended because I couldn't pay the monthly bill, but having the new charging cord is a fresh start to getting it back on! I can now charge the phone, use my contacts and calendar to schedule appointments, and use email and make free phone calls on wifi. I am happy!!!!!!!

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