Policing kindness

I just read an article from The Union Leader about a police officer who was recognized for his kindness with a homeless man.  Instead of arresting the man for stealing four sandwiches, the officer went back to the store and paid for them and asked to not press charges.  He was familiar with the man and knew his story.  He understands that times have been tough for him.  The charges were dropped.

A quote from Officer Jeffrey Wholley in the story really gets to me:  “The truly sincere people, I have no problem helping out at all.”

Police are known to harass the homeless.  And they do!  But, IMHO, they generally only do when individuals routinely cause problems.  Comply with the laws, social norms and respect, don’t be loud and obnoxious, the police won’t “bother” you.  They will actually socialize with and almost befriend you.  Cops aren’t out to look for who they can harass today.  Well, not normally.  Unfortunately though, I have seen and experienced just that.  So it does happen.  But most of the time they are hoping for a “quiet” day so they can be readily available for any serious emergency that comes up.

I don’t want to forget the store in this article.  They rewarded the officer, the local food pantry, Salvation Army, and others because of this officer’s generousity for not arresting the man and choosing to feed him instead.  🙂


House Bill Protects the Homeless in Washington

Kudos to Washington Rep. Brendan Williams (D) for sponsoring a bill which just passed in the state House on Tuesday which would allow churches to house the homeless inside or outside!  A town in Washington had altered its laws after a local church decided to host the tent city “Camp Quixote”.  The town restricted the homeless to be housed only inside buildings, and not within 300 feet of a daycare center or school.  The town has recently amended the laws a bit, but I am guessing it took the fact that a House bill was up because of them.

This town clearly does not want the homeless!  Is housing the homeless an eyesore?!  I think that offering a homeless shelter shows a community who cares.  Sure there are “bad apples” everywhere in society, not just the homeless.  There are more homeless who are productive in their lives, working or getting medical care or education.  They are clean and look presentable.  You would never know they are homeless by looking at them.  I am one of those people, and I know many others.

I am grateful for churches that are willing and able to house the homeless.  They provide a great service–THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  You honestly can’t find a better help and care for the homeless than the volunteers at homeless shelters!  It is they who inspire us, give us a good meal and a warm place to stay.  They converse with us and we feel like family.  We feel like we belong and we matter.  They obviously volunteer with their heart.

I have to recommend everyone sit down with a homeless person and talk to them.  There is so much that we can learn from each other!  We need to combat the stereotype that towns like that one in Washington have of the homeless.  Don’t try to get rid of us.  Be a friend and understand that we are actually no different than you and your neighbor.

You can read the article I saw here.

New links!

I have just added lots more links to organizations that deal with homelessness and related issues on my website!  Click  here to check them out! 🙂

In the future I will organize the links.  And hopefully someday I plan to make a directory that can be downloaded.  Keep watching!

What I wish for

A new wish list for things I need will be posted on the website soon!  Orders will be placed through Amazon.com.  If you would like to see what is on my list thus far, you can search for my wish list using my email address, padschicago@aol.com.  I pretty much just have health-related items at the moment.  More items will be added.  You may see similar items for some things as options to choose from–I would only ask for one.  I seriously, honestly do and will appreciate any help you can offer.  Thank you so much!!!  🙂


Don’t feel good today.  My chest hurts and pulse is low, my stomach isn’t good all the way through.  My kidneys aren’t working right.  The food served at the overnight shelters is great, but it’s too much of a good thing for me.  But I need to eat.  It really doesn’t feel good to not be in charge of my own food.  I have no money–I can’t go to the store and buy something “healthier” for me.  I don’t have a Link card.  I am so tired of living like this!  Literally.  It’s hard to stay awake sometimes because of my health issues.  They can seriously put me to sleep.  I am actually afraid to eat when I feel like this.  Not just because of how it affects my stomach, but because eating can cause such bad palpitations and screw up my heart and I’ll have more chest pains.  Headache isn’t too bad right at the moment.  This isn’t the best type of life style to be sick.  I’m lucky–it’s not severe this time.  Only moderate at best.  So long as I don’t eat anything high in protein/potassium/phosphorus/sodium/carbs for a few days.

It’s not all about sex

I am human.  Sure I think of sex!  But I sure as heck don’t need to do it with just anyone just for the sake of doing it!  I was approached again by someone about going to a motel.  In this living situation as well as with my other problems, I don’t need that kind of relationship right now.  There are other things to life that need my attention.

You don’t know the harrassment I get!  Every day someone makes a comment and stares areas of my body.  Can’t people stop trying to get me in to bed and undressing me with their eyes?!

I would love to have a normal relationship.  It’s so hard for me, and especially living like this.  How do I explain carrying my things with me?  I can only use the excuse that I am going to do laundry tonight only so many times.  I really wish I could meet the right person though.  It will be easier when I have a home again.  This is not the time or lifestyle for dating or to even have casual sex with just anyone.

Website is up and running again!

Attention, folks:  The normal URL for the Pads Chicago website is up and running smoothly again!  Please visit today and check it out!  🙂

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New Careers Page!

I have just added a new Careers page on the Pads Chicago website!  Currently there is a list of links to several job related websites, and this list will continue to grow.  I also plan to add other information and possibly some downloads in the future.

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