Police Apprehend Pig; Suspect Was On The Loose For Weeks; Bail Not Determined

(HENRICO, Va.) — A pot-bellied pig that had been on the loose for weeks in a Virginia neighborhood has been nabbed by police. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the pig had become a familiar sight in Henrico’s Twin Hickory subdivision as it scurried around the neighborhood. Police finally caught the pig Tuesday morning after it…

via Watch: Fugitive Pot-Bellied Pig Has Standoff With Police on Busy Highway — TIME


Black Lives Matter Chicago and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“This is a terrible thing. I’ve been in many demonstrations all across the South, but I can say that I have never seen—even in Mississippi and Alabama—mobs as hostile and as hate-filled as I’ve seen here in Chicago.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Source: Black Lives Matter Chicago and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sadness and shock run through me in reading this article. To think that in the year 2017 there is so much hate and violence plaguing this great city–in our great America! I am all for Freedom Of Speech when it is nonviolent–but when it gets to people being physically violent and brutally savage with words and actions–lock them up and send them to Hell! Fuck yes Black Lives Matter but not at cost to destruction of human life and properties! Not with words so harsh and hurtful that they emotionally assassinate a God given life! If Martin Luther Kind Jr. were alive today, would this violence be going on? How would he respond? MLKJr. was a man who believed in people and equality, and PEACE. How can there be so much of the opposite after all he said and did to advocate his dreams? How did we go from peaceful demonstrations and rallies to such hate-filled assaults and disorder?! I pray for Peace. This is my Dream.

AF&PA announces 2017 advocacy priorities – Recycling Today

Regulations, taxes, transportation, trade among association’s priorities.

Source: AF&PA announces 2017 advocacy priorities – Recycling Today

Fellowship Program Now Accepting Applications

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is now accepting applications for their Commissioner’s Fellowship Program. A doctoral level degree is required however lower degrees will be considered. Find more information and to apply, go to the link below.


~ AnnMarie

Watch Out for Fake Gmail Messages in Your Inbox « BBB Consumer News and Opinion Blog


Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts > Morningstar Farms Issues Allergy Alert and Voluntary, Precautionary Recall of Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Chipotle Black Bean Burgers in The U.S. Due to Undeclared Peanut Allergen


Arlington Heights, IL: Free Program to Check Smoke Alarms, Replace Batteries on Saturday Nov. 1

From the Village of Arlington Heights website

Get new batteries placed in your home smoke detectors at no cost on Saturday morning, 9 a.m. – Noon on November 1, through “The Katie Project,” a community initiative to make fire safety easy and to help ensure that more homes in Arlington Heights have working smoke detectors. 

Click the link to read more about this important (and FREE) fire safety project and how to register!

ArlingtonHeightsIL on Twitter: “Register to have your home smoke detectors checked and batteries replaced for free on Sat., Nov. 1, 9 a.m. – Noon. http://t.co/TjSnEWGUs3”.


My Brother Is A Real Person, Dammit!

My brother’s name is Duane. He is a bit eccentric, but he is my brother and I am proud of him! I would like to end rumors once and for all wondering if he is real or not. I am tired of seeing stories on WGN News and hearing comments on @ChiefOliver‘s radio show “Breaking Good“. My brother IS REAL, people! His name is DUANE! If you see him, do not be afraid! He is a regular guy. Just really hairy.

My Brother Duane
My Brother Duane
My Brother
My Brother Duane

Kraft recalls American Singles cheese | abc7.com

Kraft recalls American Singles cheese | abc7.com.

Kraft Foods Group is recalling 7,691 cases of American Singles cheese because of possible premature spoilage or food poisoning.

A supplier failed to store an ingredient in compliance with Kraft’s temperature standards. The company is voluntarily issuing the recall as a precaution. No consumer complaints have been made.

The following products have been recalled across the U.S.:

  • 12 oz Kraft American Singles (16 slices); Best when used by: Feb. 20, 2015 and Feb. 21, 2015; Package code: 0 21000 60464 7; Case code: 00 21000 60464 00


  • 16 oz Kraft American Singles (24 slices) (36 count case); Best when used by: Feb. 20, 2015; Package code: 0 21000 61526 1; Case code: 00 21000 61450 00


  • 16 oz Kraft American Singles (24 slices) (12 count case); Best when used by: Feb. 20, 2015; Package code: 0 21000 61526 1; Case code: 00 21000 61526 00


  • 64 oz Kraft American Singles (4×24 slice); Best when used by: Feb. 20, 2015; Package code: 0 21000 63360 9; Case code: 00 21000 62559 00

Those who have purchased these products should return them to the store for an exchange or full refund. Customers can also call Kraft Foods Consumer Relations at 1-800-396-5512.


Anchors communicate with hilarious signs during technical meltdown

And this, friends, is yet another reason why I love WGN Morning News! 😀