Margarita Monday

I am wasting time waiting for my TV shows to start and drinking a margarita. OMG I love margaritas! But enough about that. Okay, maybe. So it’s one of my favorite – if not top favorite drink. Lime or flavored, what do I care? It’s delicious! Tonight is lime. I have no agave so I am making do with what I have. Still very good! I wish I could enjoy life like this more, and with friends. I honestly don’t know if I could  even get enough people over to my new apartment for a party. I don’t think anyone would show up. Or not many. Maybe I am to harsh in what I believe. I don’t have a lot of  luck in the friends department. People who are really willing to go out of there way to say hello and be willing to have fun together. Or maybe I am just being a negative thinker. I don’t know. I sadly don’t have a lot of luck getting people to hang out with me. I wish it would be the opposite. Maybe I am just too weird for people. I am very socially awkward. That can inhibit my desired lifestyle quite a bit. And if you are actually still reading this post, God bless you. I guess I don’t have enough self confidence to believe  that anyone would really care what I say. I know that some people would, like family. But do I really have enough actual friends? I wish I did.

Five minutes before my TV shows start. Time to prepare. Bathroom break and snacks, whatever I need in advance. And to y0u for still reading this, thank you hugs.


Author: padschicago

Social Media Diva. From homeless to housed by Twitter & networking. Star in #Twittamentary. Interviews by numerous news media. Public Speaker. Advocate. *Not affiliated with Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)*

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