God Bless Fire Fighters

I type this straight from the heart. I pray all fire fighters, paramedics and other first responders stay safe and away from harm–or worse. They do things I would be afraid to do, running in to inferno buildings to rescue occupants and put out the roaring blaze. But in one other capacity in their rescue of people (and other living things), I have a little more experience with. The rescue calls when someone is sick or injured, not due to fire and smoke, these men and women are always at the ready. I live in a building with about 30 people. They come around frequently. Last night they were here yet again. I didn’t get all of the numbers on the trucks, but they surprised me and an abundance of fire fighters arrived to care for someone with breathing problems. We actually had a ladder truck outside, then an engine, and finally the ambulance crew. Things were under control and not too hectic. Of course there was some joking around–by the firemen, as well as, um, me. Okay, another person or so may have joined in a little, but I was the main culprit giving the firemen some friendly harassment. Example:  One other resident commented to fireman on what big feet he has. She was serious. He came back and said, “well, you know what they say about guys who have big feet?”. Here I smirk. My friend asks him what. The fireman hesitates slightly and says, “they have big boots”. It went on and this fireman joked that a different fire fighter in the group had even bigger feet. Ok, I couldn’t resist! I said, well, maybe he could show us? (Hee hee!) The banter back and forth continued from there. Overall, considering the circumstances, it was almost a good time! I really like the crew that was on last night. They had an awesome sense of humor and were very friendly and social. The one guy commented that it (being here on the call) was kind of like an episode of Chicago Fire. That had already crossed my mind. The one fireman had reminded me of a guy from that TV show. I mentioned it to him. He laughed and told his buddies, “Seeeee?”. I guess he had a small part in the show before.  Very cool! Anyway, no matter what the personalities of these wonderful first responders who hopefully show great care and concern for total strangers, I will say prayers for their safety. Even better if they have the personalities of the men who were here last night, Monday night. God bless you gentlemen. And hugs to you.

Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department
Chicago Fire Department

Author: padschicago

Social Media Diva. From homeless to housed by Twitter & networking. Star in #Twittamentary. Interviews by numerous news media. Public Speaker. Advocate. *Not affiliated with Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)*

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