Confessions Of A Cheap Bitch

I have no current income. Yes, I know I need to get to work on getting back to work. My physical and emotional issues could be strained though. So I have limited money that either a generous friend or someone might give me as a gift or as an occasional payment for help with something. I am cautious with money and have been for years. In my teens (many, many, MANY moons ago) I remember my family laughing at me because of my recordkeeping and calendar that I went nowhere without. I was prepared anytime someone asked me of my availability. I had several babysitting jobs while in junior and senior high schools, and also did volunteer work. My whole life was scheduled in that pocket calendar and I kept every record of every hour I worked, babysat, how much money I made. I kept and organized every receipt. I occasionally helped my widowed mom and helped pay bills. When I went shopping I always asked myself, “do I really NEED this?”. By the time I graduated high school I had several thousand dollars in the bank. A few habits have changed some since then. I am sure that is due in great part to the emotional and PTSD issues which I have suffered. However I am starting to try and find the rest of myself again and who I used to be. I still ask myself if I really need something when I’m shopping or if I need to save my money for other things. Like food or a bill, or healthcare items.

There are always ads on Facebook and other websites trying to convince you to sign up to try free products and to do surveys. Like any normal person I always love something for free! I also believe in the laws of economics and there is no such thing as a free lunch; everything has cost, in one way or another. Yes, you may have to be careful that you don’t sign up for spam sites. But there are great, legitimate websites out there with great products and samples and ways to get great items for free!

This blog post is in no way a paid endorsement. I am simply sharing info that I find useful. Hopefully tips that some of you can use. One such is the Nielsen company. You know, the people who do the Nielsen ratings for TV and stuff? Well, if you have a mobile phone, go to your app store because they have a mobile app that takes generic information how you use your phone and in return they credit your account with points each month which can be used to to exchange for great products, gift cards and vouchers, software and iTunes downloads, vacations, and so much more! They do not take at any of your private information. By the way, they also have a browser extension for Chrome that rewards you with an opportunity to win money each month PLUS they may email you links to an occasional short survey that pays cash! If you are on Facebook you may have seen ads about “women get it free” or something like that. Well, click that! I have received some great samples and products in the mail! It is so cool being able to try things first before I buy! You go to the site, decide what products you want, click, and it’s so easy! I also like to sign up on brand websites to be on their mailing lists. Many companies also offer you a free meal or something for your birthday–adults too and not just kids! If you look around, you can even find free samples for alcoholic and booze products. You can find anything out there! Also for Chicagoans, you can find notices of local free events, products, and coupons at

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have signed up for some of these sites and mail lists. I love that I can save money! I am cheap. I compare prices, quality, value. I love steak–but I am just as happy going out to eat at McDonald’s. Yeah, I can make a cheap date. But I am quality. 🙂


Author: padschicago

Social Media Diva. From homeless to housed by Twitter & networking. Star in #Twittamentary. Interviews by numerous news media. Public Speaker. Advocate. *Not affiliated with Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)*

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