The Cure For Boredom

One day last week I was bored out of my mind.

I even posted that I was bored on Facebook and Twitter:

#Bored #Bored #Bored #Bored #Bored #Bored #Bored #Bored #Bored #Bored#Bored #Bored #Bored

— AnnMarie Walsh (@padschicago) June 16, 2012

I played computer games. I tweeted. I Facebooked. I watched TV. Nothing I did peeked my interest. And then…it happened.

@Ramon_DeLeon commented on my Facebook post.

Ramon De Leon LMK when you can stop in….pizza will solve this

June 16 at 2:06pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

I thought long and hard looking at the menu on my Domino’s pizza app on my android phone. I wanted something different that I hadn’t tried yet. It didn’t take long before I found the first course of my order: Chicken And Bacon Carbonara Artisan Pizza.


After drooling over the pizza’s description I scrolled down to the breads. It hit me! I spied the Stuffed Cheesy Bread With Spinach And Feta. Second course discovered!


I needed something to wash it all down so I also asked for a diet Coke to drink.

I picked up the pizza and tried the first bite at the bus stop. Oh! My! God! It was so delicious!!! The Chicken And Bacon Carbonara Artisan pizza sent me straight to heaven. The team at Ramon’s Domino’s store at 3103 N. Clark in Lakeview area of Chicago crafted perfection!! Well, I let a couple buses go by without boarding so I could enjoy a little more of this awesomeness. The Stuffed Cheesy Bread With Spinach And Feta was equally as amazing! Just take a look at all the spinach and feta stuffed cheesy bread in this pic of it!


To top things off, #lavacakes were included in my feast. Sweet, gooey, sinful chocolate decadence. Delicious any time of the day–including breakfast.


(Added memo: Lavacakes are a perfect gift for any woman suffering from PMS.)

This was such an awesome experience! I think I have a new favorite pizza and cheesy bread. ☺

Overall rating: ★★★★★


Author: padschicago

Social Media Diva. From homeless to housed by Twitter & networking. Star in #Twittamentary. Interviews by numerous news media. Public Speaker. Advocate. *Not affiliated with Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)*

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