Is “padschicago” pregnant?

There is discussion lately among “Padites”, as the homeless around here call ourselves, that I am pregnant. Well, first of all, its none of your damn freakin’ business if I am pregnant! Second, if you want to know, why don’t you just ask me? I am actually laughing at this even though I shouldn’t–and I’ll get to WHY in a moment. Everybody has to know everything going on! People want to know all the gossip! Let things rest people, and let’s just LIVE.

Now, do you want to know WHY I am laughing? NO! I am NOT pregnant!! I may have looked a few months pregnant recently due to some medical issues, but I can certify that I am NOT with child. LMAO!!!


Author: padschicago

Social Media Diva. From homeless to housed by Twitter & networking. Star in #Twittamentary. Interviews by numerous news media. Public Speaker. Advocate. *Not affiliated with Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)*

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