Belly Dancing into my Heart

The From the Heart to the Hip fundraiser for PADS of Elgin last night was a success! Over $1,400 was raised! Woohoo!! There were a lot of raffles with happy winners! I was there and spoke on helping the homeless. I met several current followers and future ones–pleased to meet you!!! As always, I welcome comments in person and any other contact method–email, leave a message on my phone, send a fax, tweet me on Twitter, reply to my blog…

I had a great time last night! The dancers shimmied their way to my heart with their obvious happiness and beautiful dances, and all for a good cause! A table of donated articles of clothing, gloves, toilet paper, and so many other things was stacked full for the Elgin homeless! I met Elgin PADS executive director Dennis Hewitt and he is so nice! I was honestly amazed at the emotion I saw in him as he spoke of the homeless people that Elgin PADS helps! He really got to me with how heartfelt his words and expressions were. He didn’t speak like an “executive director”. He spoke like a person who truly cares about others. God bless him.

Dennis Hewitt
Dennis Hewitt, executive director of PADS of Elgin

The fundraiser was sponsored by Serafina with belly dancers from all over the area. They were fantastic! I can’t say who my favorite is because so many performed beautifully–and the outfits–OMG just as awesome! There was someone doing temporary henna tatoos at the show and I got one. The artist did beautifully detailed work! Here’s a picture of the henna tattoo on my hand:

my henna tattoo
My henna tattoo

I can’t wait to go to another fundraiser event! I plan to be with Black Card Circle on Nov. 19th in Chicago at the Rockit Bar and Grill. Will you join and support their great foundation?!


Author: padschicago

Social Media Diva. From homeless to housed by Twitter & networking. Star in #Twittamentary. Interviews by numerous news media. Public Speaker. Advocate. *Not affiliated with Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)*

2 thoughts on “Belly Dancing into my Heart”

  1. Yeah me too! This guy is as two-faced as they come. He treats people at PADS like trash, and during the day when the Wayside Cross Ministries is there, he will come over and help himself to plates of food! THE NERVE! That food is for homeless people not your big FAT self. Dennis has a home. Some of the staff come back at night and take food that is supposed to be for us, and Dennis and some of the staff even take some of the donations and food HOME WITH THEM, and we never see it again!

    Another thing is they don’t allow you to even bring food in, Monica on many occasions has made people throw out stuff they BOUGHT with their own money. WTF kind of shelter doesn’t allow people to eat their own food??? Its better than that garbage Jay serves to us, i.e. cold bologne sandwiches, peanut butter n jelly sandwiches with candy n junk food, cold pork and beans with chunks of cold hot dogs. Who the hell wants to eat that for dinner AND COLD TOO? Especially if you’re working all day to get back on your feet! One night all they gave us was POPCORN!!!! SERIOUSLY??!!!

    They throw certain people out if they can’t find work but then keep around the lazy layabouts who do absolutely nothing all day, usually the drunks and junkies that act psycho and STINK.

    And if you complain about that they just roll their eyes at you like you are the a$$hole. They also make you stand outside until 7pm in the pouring rain and biting cold while they play on the computer or smart phone instead of letting people in early to get out of the elements. That’s not very christian now is it! But if your family pays your way you get to go in early like Pauly does. Pauly is a little asian guy with brain damage who goes crazy sometimes and talks to himself all the time. He gets exemption from all the rules. That’s not very fair to everyone else.

    If you’re caught on the property before 6:30pm you either get arrested or a write up and then kicked out for the night, but they can’t even open the door on time at 7pm to let people in. Not very christian at all.

    Pads of Elgin is a ridiculously sick joke. We had a guy named Paul Martin staying here with his 7 year old daughter and very recently he just got charged with 4 class X felonies for aggravated sexual abuse on a minor, HIS OWN DAUGHTER. It’s in the newspaper, look it up. And the guy he was hanging out with all the time, Randy, is still staying here!!! And since Paul got arrested Randy sleeps right by the office doors and leaves real early in the morning so no one will give him what he’s got coming. He knew for a year that Paul was molesting his own daughter and did and said nothing to stop it!

    I could go on and on about the stuff that goes on at PADS in Elgin. That was just the tip of the iceberg. So don’t be so naive. Homeless shelters don’t care about people, they care about the money they receive.


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