The sun is shining!

It’s a beautiful day in Chicagoland!  I can’t complain.  Ok, so well, I would prefer it to be sunny and 80 degrees but it’s not.  But its coming!  It may take a while, but it WILL happen.

Gosh, am I getting the attention today!  I am wearing a form-fitting top.  Need I say more?  (Hey, guys, I appreciate you looking a little higher.  Thank you.)  I know, I should expect it.  I don’t mind if guys look, just please don’t stare!  I’ve met too many guys who do that who try to touch without permission or my wanting them to.  So with that and my past abuse history, I don’t necessarily trust everyone.  Some may call me stupid for dressing this way, and so what.  Maybe I am.  But I like it. I don’t look bad.  I don’t look like a prostitute.  I look feminine and fashionable is all.  Like I said, if a guy wants to look, fine.  Stare–I’d prefer not.  Touch me–you get hit.

I am in a good mood today.  Nothing special happened.  I went to a local church for a delicious free meal and attended the service.  It was great!  My thought for the day is:  Live a little!  If it kills you, you will still go to heaven.

Have a great awesome day, everybody!!  🙂


Author: padschicago

Social Media Diva. From homeless to housed by Twitter & networking. Star in #Twittamentary. Interviews by numerous news media. Public Speaker. Advocate. *Not affiliated with Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS)*

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